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>not Omega Factor

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>the combat got repetitive pretty fast

It's hardly repetitive because the constant upgrades change the game all the time.

>and the visuals were ugly as is typical of a lot of Treasure games

I dunno, I think visuals are pretty good, pic related.

You just seem to have a hateboner for Treasure/have something personal against "Treasure fanboys".

Dragon Ball AA is indeed pretty great though, but I also see it being mentioned fairly often on GBA threads. Both are good games.

Polite sage for non-retro.

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2D peaked during the 16-bit. Sure, you can get new games that look amazing like >>3594820, but in the end I think nothing really topped some of the best games during 16-bit.

Also >>3594824 is right, 2D continued on handhelds during non-/vr/ times.

3D and polygons was the reasonable next step. They were already experimenting with 3D gameplay ever since before the 3rd gen came around. It was only thanks to 90s technology that 3D games could actually become more affordable to make, with more resources, etc. But the idea was always there.

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