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These kind of reviewers are usually Brutal Doom players.
Disregard them.

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Because most people were like
>If it ain't workin with Complex Doom / Brutal Doom, it belongs in the trash.

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I AM LE REAL AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FITE 4 WHATS RITE!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

OH MY JEEZ I JUST CAN'T RITE NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We need more people to get stabbed in the WDI server. Come on in.

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Both Sperglord and Brutal Doom Cyber rocket does 8-64 damage on impact. It explodes for 80 damage over a 150 radius. It does the Explosive damage type, which the player has no resistance to. Compare to vanilla's, where it does 20-160 impact damage and 128 damage over 128 damage.
The Brutal Blue Armor also protects more, since it has an of Armor.Savepercent 70 rather than vanilla's Armor.SavePercent 50
This is pathetically easy to survive.

tl;dr: The Brutal Cyberdemon is a fucking bitch.

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