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Looking for mame 2k3+ recommendations. Here's what i have:

Alien vs predator
Armored warriors
Asura buster
Battle circuit
Cadillacs dinosaurs
Captain commando
Desert assault
Dragon breed
Dungeon magic
Dnd mystaria
Eco fighters
Elevator action returns
Final fight
Golden axe revenge
Grind stormer
Guardians denjin makai 2
Heavy smash
Hyper duel
In the hunt
Sengoku 1-3
Last blade 2
Last resort
Magic sword
Mega man 2 power fighters
Metal slug series
Metamorphic force
Musashi ganryu
Music riders
Night slashers
Night striker
Ninja baseball batman
Nitro ball
Oni Ninja master
Oriental legend
Out zone
Out runners
Out foxies
Power instinct matrimelee
Samsho 4 and 5s
Shadow force
Shock troopers 1 and 2
Smash tv
Snk vs Capcom
Spin Master
Street fighter 2T, III3, A3
King of fighters 2003 and XI
Top hunter
Truxton 1 and 2
Violent storm
Voltage fighter gowcaizer
Waku waku 7
Wild west cowboys moo
Wizard fire aka dark seal 2
X men atom

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So you're telling me that I can't play 1944 on this piece of fucking shit right out of the box? That I've gotta scour the fucking Internet for the right update set because not one, not two, but THREE vital files are somehow incompatible with Multiple Asses Might Excrete? I'm not trying to play some Tiger Electronic mumbojumbo pisswank, I'm playing A GOD DAMN MOTHERFUCKING CAPCOM SHMUP!

Un-fucking-acceptable. Who the fuck would support this? Seriously, give me one good reason Final Burn Neo isn't better for playing arcade games. ONE. Every single game I've thrown at it - at least, y'know, the ones that actually MATTER - has worked flawlessly, and y'know what else? Better UX, better input options, and NO BULLSHIT.

How the FUCK do you screw up your dogshit emulator so bad that the dominant version people still use is from fucking 2003? Are you kidding me with this shit? I thought we were supposed to be against boomercore like Nesticle and Zsnes? Are arcadefags still stuck in the fucking stone age? Holy fucking shit, I'm never touching MAME again if this is the state of their team. Get FBNeo, suck my fucking dick, and NEVER USE MAME AGAIN.

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Haven't seen one of these in a while, and they recently released v0.220. What have you all been playing?

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Could someone tell me, or at least give me a good hint on where I can download the latest set of CHD files for MAME? I've been searching for days, and I was only able to find one 2 TB download which turned out to be just the LS CHD's. Not what I was looking for at all

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What have you been playing on MAME lately, /vr/?

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What have you been playing on MAME lately, /vr/?

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