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>It's too simplistic.
>It doesn't excite or interest me.
>If only you could socialize with these creatures.

Go play HDoom, there is a lot more strategy to it and you can "socialize" with the creatures.

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The 1st map still needs some polishing. You know those water areas in Ultima Underworld? I have two areas in the first map that are like that. The first one has some platforms connected via 3d bridges that lead to a mess hall room with affrits in it. But it looks empty so I might add some indents in the wall and some tall walls to form streams that lead to said indents.

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You know what was a wholesome experience? Playing HDoom co-op with 2 other friends. Let me tell you something.

We did this with vanilla doom2, no map pack or anything. I think we also did this with GZDoom. MAP01 was, "haha this is funny haha watch me fuck this imp haha." but then MAP02 hit and shit got real.

MAP 02 was when we figured out the meta for HDoom. We were playing on UV and we kept getting our asses kicked. No matter how many Imps and Pinkies we fucked we would face their tight-lipped wrath sooner or later.

But...There was hope. We found out that when you fuck a demon you have invulnerability during the animation. We used this as a tactic to get past levels without dying. It was like playing a cover shooter game except instead of hiding behind a concrete pillar we would get a blowy-joey from a Lost Soul and use the animation invulnerability to move from room to room and fuck more demons.

I think HDoom gives Hideous Destructor a run for it's money.

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