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I love Majora's but it really only works as a followup to the more grounded OoT. Also that remake is fucking atrocious, the original is the only way to go The OoT remake is better though

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This guy kinda comes off as a little douchey...

Anyways, I just played a little bit of Oot and came across a hilariously creepy situation that I'm not sure was intentional.

I picked up in my mostly-completed game. Didn't want to dungeon crawl so I went 'splorin'. Decided to race Dampe's ghost.

After my price, I went through the door, but instead of climbing the ramp into the windmill, I looked around (I'll be honest, I wanted to see if I'd catch a glimpse of the fabled El Puerco).

For the hell of it I played the Song of Storms to see if the windmill guy would shout from the other room or something neat like that. Nothing extraordinary happened, so I continued into the next room: the windmill.

The cave music from Dampe's area was still playing; it didn't carry over into the windmill theme. And the phonograph dude was cranking away furiously, as usual, his eyes all evil rage.

And no windmill music. Just the ambient cave soundtrack. And the cranking of the phonograph. It was a bit... unsettling, haha.

I don't recall that happening before... doesn't the windmill theme always pick up when you enter from the grave passage?

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