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np bro

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>fork this legacy codebase full of uncoordinated spaghetti from a bunch of authors over ~15 years that mostly either aren't around to help you understand it or will be unwilling to do so
>if you can't, you just need more skill
Nope. Even the best programmers I know would tell you that that's a losing game from the start. It would almost be quicker, in this case, to just work on a different port from another codebase rather than try to actually fix GZDoom as someone who has no experience on the code. At this point Eternity Engine with it's Aeon branch is likely the best bet, though it looks like it'll still be a few years off.

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Would anyone be interested in some basic ZScript tutorial videos? Like messing around with/modifying vanilla weapons in ZS to show how the language works and stuff. Seems like the docs are shit and nobody really makes tutorials for this kind of thing.

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