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Tried playing pic related with Xebra but the title screen already shows garbage. Looked at a handful of other emulators but they all have some wacky ad-hoc seeming setup process.

What's the best PS1 emulator to use without much hassle?

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Show me a nintendo 64 game that looks better than this.

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i thought i had played every good old rpg out there until someone posted pic related on this board and my mind was blown. How can something so good be so unknown?

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easy one

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What's that PS1 game where you're a guy in a brown jacket awkwardly shuffling around shooting robots? You start in prison and there's lizard people I think. The graphics are vomit inducingly ugly.

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>posts a pic of the most gorgeous 5th gen game
>only mentions fishing

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For my money it's either Capcom or SNK, as cliché as both answers may be.

Obviously Metal Slug, Garou, Street Fighter, and Darkstalkers jump out as their most acclaimed works (instances of rotoscoping and debates about its validity aside) but I've always thought Breath of Fire III and IV don't get enough love considering the sheer number of animated enemies, characters, and attacks in both and how consistent both are in quality.

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What's the most beautiful /vr/ game?

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can't believe no one has posted this yet.

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They look good but I think I would give that title to BoFIV honestly.

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