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Play them in release order, they're also the easiest that way. AB and SoD have a lot of gimmicky campaigns that reward having at least some expertise in the game. Restoration of Erathia -> Armageddon's Blade -> Shadow of Death.

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>how do I get better at it?
google Tribute to Strategists
and then just keep playing and figuring out good stuff (good units and what not), most maps on 200% can be beaten with suboptimal strats like turtling while building up towards week 2 Capitol.
also do the campaigns, they have a smooth learning curve and naturally teach you how to use spell cheese.
whether you want to speedrun SP maps for high scores or dip your toes into competitive multiplayer, try these:
>build army first and pick gold from chests over XP unless very specific circumstances (to reach Expert Earth very fast, for example)
>only buy units that you need (5-6 unicorns week 2 can kill a lot of stuff on their own, but you really don't need to buy dwarves or dendroids at that point)
>pick a strong starting hero (Valeska, Ivor, Solmyr, Ignatius, Galthran, Shakti, Tyraxor, Drakon, Ciele, for an example from each town) as training wheels to help you win fights and snowball; Crag Hack & co. are great, but someone like Gurnisson or Luna can win fights you'd never imagine taking on
>get the HoMM3 HD+ patch to make your life easier (not to be confused with Ubisoft expansion pack)
>look up how to do stuff like a Day 1 Crypt; get used to the idea of doing something big with a very small army; maximize efficiency!
>get a lot of secondary hero scouts to maximize explored terrain and starting army, also look up the "chaining" technique
>Expert Earth is amazing and is almost always a priority magic school. Air, Water and Fire specialties are situational; huge XL maps against multiple AIs favor W or F, quick skirmishes (esp. in MP) favor A
>movement speed is everything, both in combat and the world map. Get Logistics, learn about native terrain (A hero with an army of just gnolls will move faster on Swamp than a non-Pathfinding hero with only angels). Movement rate on map is determined by slowest unit in your army - another reason to keep these Dwarves at home!

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