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He’s a hero and a fantastic musician, who had so incredibly high hopes in how people could make the world a better place, despite facing so much opposition and unwarranted hatred, because of his status. He was a man that challenged the status quo of Jewish control and paid the price for it by getting murdered and defamed, but despite getting openly attacked again at the height of cancel culture, his legacy still stands too strong to falter.

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Pff, Captain Novalin or Rex Ronan for SNES homie.

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Read up on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coil_noise bro

Your inductors get put under mechanical stress caused by magenetic fields each time the current changes inside the 'ductor. Old TV's inductor housings have loosen overtime, and vibrate a little with audible frequencies sometimes.

TVs have tons of oscillating circuits, and inductors are one of the key elements of constructing and fine tuning these types of circuits.

Pretty much, ya fucked. Ain't nothing you can do.

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