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>banks on people's natural hard wired anxieties and fears and makes them into entertainment by giving small doses of them in a controlled environment
Except many rides aren't scary, there are plenty that are just fun.
>they can't be compared to games really
Of course they can. Otherwise easy games wouldn't make money.
>as far as the actual games go fun is pretty much synonymous with flow.
Easy games can flow. Movement and gameplay in Spyro flows extremely well even though it's an easy game.

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No, significantly more so.

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so play through it again. make your own challenges. there is some pretty cool shit you can do with the movement.

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Spyro isn't a very good game.
Spyro is an excellent game.
>All of the levels are basically linear circuits
No they aren't lmao. There's always a primary path, but there are paths that circuit around those and other secret paths intertwined with both.
>the combat system is like an even more dumbed down version of paper-scissors-rock
Who gives a fuck about combat? It's The game is fun because of its movement. Combat is fucking boring in SM64 and Banjo Kazooie too. Regardless, comboing movement into combat, like flamecharging out of a glide (see the webm in >>4276819)) is fun as shit.
>enemies who are basically all reskins of 2 different types
Jesus Christ, you've literally never played the game. There are dozens of types of enemies with completely unique mechanics in many stages that don't appear in any of the other ones, like the snowball/ski Gnorcs in Ice Cavern, the dogs in Toasty, the tornado wizards in high caves, the rabbits in Misty Bog, etc etc. These aren't reskins, they have actual unique behaviors and mechanics.
>Collecting gems (there are literally thousands of these fuckers) is about 50 times more tedious than collecting musical notes in Banjo-Kazooie.
Not at all, it actually feels good collecting gems because of the Sparx hitbox mechanic, which punishes you for losing health. BK notes have hitboxes that are smaller than the actual object for fuck sakes.

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