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my only issue would be getting a feel for Kustam since I haven't spent much time playing him compared to Blaz and Slayer, I know how he is supposed to be played but I still get rekt often, it's a bit hard to get used to his attack speed right after playing the other two

I'll make sure to tell people that is still a work in progress, Samsom when

Not a celeb by any stretch, I just make video guides like the ones in the OP and sporadically guest edit for a bigger channel named BlackPantsLegion on YT

In this case Tex has given me carte blanche to shill GMOTA on his channel, we are not super chums or anything but he is a cool guy like that

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>the beginning of summer is hitting like a truck
>start editing
>laptop becomes a small radiator

I long for death or an AC unit.

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