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Reminder that these guys are real life pedophiles

>It was Corcoran's own daughter. And it went on for a very long time. Corcoran is not the only sex offender who has been a Ref at Twin Galaxies, either. There have been well known competitors who have done significant time for sex offences, too. More than I can list here. Shocking but true.

>1988: Ned Troide, Twin Galaxies competitor featured in the "famous" Time Life Photo, helped abduct, beat and gang rape a 24-year old woman, then tied a weight around her neck and threw her body off a bridge over a bay, thinking she'd die. She lived and put him behind bars.

>2002: Steven Krogman, friend of Corcoran's, served a lengthy sentence in prison for sexually assaulting a minor female beginning when she was 12-years old and possession of child pornography. That didn't bother Twin Galaxies' Walter Day and Billy Mitchell, though. They allowed him to be filmed from prison for his part in 2007's "The King of Kong". They were still giving him public awards at events until a couple years ago. Twin Galaxies finally kicked him off their forum a year ago, but only after significant public backlash.

>2007: Another Twin Galaxies centered documentary, "Chasing Ghosts", found Berzerk champion, Ron Bailey, being arrested in 2007 for several charges of sexual molestation on several grade school age boys who claim he assaulted them when he was their coach. Bailey is serving what constitutes a life sentence in prison. That's how bad this case was.

>2009: Lonnie Cancionne, friend of Corcoran's (see the connection yet?) was arrested for chasing naked after women in public and masturbating. Served time.

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Here's Heather and fellow convicted pedophile, Steve Krogman


TG just seems like it's filled with swell guys.

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