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Is this your audition for work in a movie theatre or something?
Morrowind is a bad game that was originally sold pretty much entirely on "look how HYUUUGE! this is!". And it's the start of "mods will fix that" mentality for Bethesda. Gameplay-wise? It's a never-ending fetch quest, with dreadfully boring NPCs rolling-dice mechanics and boiling down the game to bunch of exploits to just rise up your skills and stat quickly, then just run through the main plot and hope for some speed-up mod to your running.
I get it, it was an important touch-stone in history of "open world games", but it doesn't make it a good game. It's simply not.

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... when did I get into a cinema?
TR4 is about exploration and puzzles. This is what makes it strong, while sidetracking combat almost entirely (there are whole levels which you can just run through and ignore enemies entirely, including the "mere mortals"). TR2 was predominately about fighting tonnes of enemies, one wackier than another, gunning them down with wide array of weapons. And it's also what makes it strong, since the puzzles are meh. The series, as a whole, was constantly undercutting wacky elements in general. So while you had mummies/mutants throwing exploding pieces of flesh at you in TR1, you were left with handful of gaiting corpses in TR4.
That's it.

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Whatever you say, mutt

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... wrong about what?
Because now I'm sincerely confused the fuck you are trying to project here

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Anon, three letters for you:

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I like to imagine the "kid" posters had an emotionally abusive father or uncle that talked to them like that.

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