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Something i find interesting about old school FPS and Doom clones is that thay have certain design elements and ideas, that are also present in a lot of other games from different genres.
>Relying on health, ammo, pick ups etc
>Level design and exploration
>Weapon/enemy variety
>Boss fights
>Power ups
>Some times, inventory items
>Movement focus, maybe a bit of platforming too
>Maybe stuff like life systems or score numbers
>Just the setting being creative or unrealistic, but most of the time not that complicated
And a game like Doom 4 and its upcoming sequel sort of make this obvious.
It makes me wonder if it's why some people wouldn't mind putting Doomguy next to the likes or Mario or Dante and why there's crossover mods/fangames/fanart/anything and "out of genre" experiments.
It's probably because, compared to modern military shooters, they feel "gamey", both in terms of gameplay and their settings.

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