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I am very intelligent indeed. I make games :] But listen here kid...
A) something you westerners have serious problems with and why you are still living behind a rock, you cant deal with theories and put them equal with the devil... (nasa - em drive is a fantastic example)
and B) in the end any idea is far fetched because every distance is endless... try to solve that.

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It might increased the framerate. On the first generation of 3d consoles you can't expect too much. The spotlight fills alot of pixels. THe more pixels transparency has to be drawn the more it slows the game down.

And before you try to tell me snes and genesis had more transparency. The resolution of the saturn is much higher as the res of snes and genesis.

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no dude, its completely 100% realtime except for the intro and the ending, which when you see the ending you will understand why,

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