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Not terrible, they sort of decay in quality with each entry, but the first one is kind of worth reading for atmosphere alone. The last one gets really fucking weird. I like the old covers over the new ones.

Dafydd Ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver are interesting and weird dudes. One wrote Star Trek novels (and some of this reflects in the Doom novels), and Brad Linaweaver is a lolbertarian who hates communists, and worked on a shitload of low budget schlock movies, so I can relate to and respect these people on a lot of levels.

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They're ok, the first book is the best of the bunch, and is actually surprisingly good for being literature based on a videogame with such limited narrative and story (I didn't expect it to be the least bit good), they then gradually decrease in quality with each book, the second book is still fairly good, but it's kind of a half-baked take on Doom 2.

Three isn't all that bad, but it's kind of a departure, and then there's the fourth book, which I wouldn't I guess outright say is -bad-, but it's really different, it's kind of out of nowhere, it has a shift in tone and style, you won't really miss anything by not reading it.

They're not.

>They're a confusing confirmation that the Mormons are the destined saviours of humanity
They are not, they just happen to be survivors and be just another part of humanity fighting back, and this isn't even a strange leap of logic, hardcore mormons literally DO prepare themselves for end of the world.

No, it stays Doom for the most of the second book.

No, it doesn't, where does this meme come from? They're there, but they're painted in a neutral light at best

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They're aliens who tapped into our culture to come up with 2spooky designs to 2spook us.


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