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They're still in stock fucking everywhere here in yurop.

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Bless you anon. Please post a link when you're done. I've been trying to play these maps since they got leaked

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Giving it a second chance right now Quake 2 is actually quite enjoyable.
Guess I was just a little burnt out on FPS last time I tried it.

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You know, for a project that was supposed to be "as shit as possible on purpose", there's been some surprisingly legit great stuff made so far. All the anons who contributed great design ideas, the dude who learned Z80 programming just to make an engine, some seriously gorgeous maps despite the 8 tiles/2 colors limit...
Any of you guys feel like working on another quick collaborative homebrew project when this is done? Maybe we could switch to a slightly more powerful and easy to program machine next, like a C64 or NES. Plus the better specs would really let contributing anons flex their artistic and musical muscles a bit more.

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I played Super mario advance before i ever touched Super mario bros 2, so its odd for me to go backwards and not hear "THAS AZ FAH AS YOO GOO"

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DQIV DS to me is a masterclass in simple but effective design, sure it has problems, however it is such an enjoyable guided tour along the limited story buttressed by solid gameplay that I just don't get bored of it. The only part that is a drag is the third chapter and that's just because a few bad UI choices.

I've played it through around five time, each time taking less and less time, with my last 100% playthrough taking just ~20 hours.

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I love the GBC, specially the pixel art with a limited palette. Yes the achile's heel in the small library but there are really interesting things there.
Wish I could do something to make people apreciate it more.

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go ahead and describe the qualities of a 240p signal for us.

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No Virtua Striker no buy, grandpa

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No, it got overall good scores because, at the time, it was a fun, fresh take on Sonic, with a style that hadn't been seen before.

Back then, people were more used to games being janky. Clipping was in EVERY game, and it was acceptable. Hell, it still is today.

But by the time DX came out, we already had SA2, which was a big improvement, and the PS2, Xbox, and GC were up and running. Games became less janky, and since DX was a lazy port of a rushed game that's aged poorly, it just couldn't compete.

By then, just four years later, it was a game out of it's time.

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Some shitty fmv game from the mid 90's.

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What about putting your 3DS into sleep mode? Does that count?

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Thanks so much for the rip. The game has some great tracks and I ended up looping longplays to listen to some of them.

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Yes. The same as with any other form of media you own. Lose a book? Buy a new one. Lose a movie? Buy a new one. Nothing entitles you to a lifetime supply of free media after having bought a copy of something.

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>h-how dare you equate nonconstructive shit-flinging at popular games with /v/!
>we're... i mean THEY are nothing like that!


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I always pictured a 3d Plok game as a kinda arcade-y Rayman 2. Except sometimes instead of having to go from point A to point B, you're thrown into an open level and have to complete an objective.
I guess try to think of game mechanics that revolve around the fact that Plok's main attack is a ranged one? Stuff like switches or enemies that need to be attacked from far away, or from behind when your fists come back towards you.
Maybe have challenges where Plok is separated from some of his limbs? His legs get stolen and he can't jump anymore, or he has to hold a switch with one hand so he can go through a door somewhere else...

As for the court thing, I really can't picture a judge going against a company that legitimately owns a property and wants to protect it on the grounds that they don't usually do that. But then again, I'm no attorney

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