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What are my options if I want a brand new CRT Television? Are there any companies that are still manufacturing them? I'm opposed to procuring a used one because of the high probability that are insects living inside.

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Wonder Project J2

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Yeah, basically it was the novelty.
I'll paste something I wrote for another thread:
4th gen consoles were already a matured stage of 2D gaming, which had already been exploited a lot during 3rd gen, and was finally peaked during 4th gen.
5th gen is what people wanted at the time. It's very hard to explain to someone who wasn't there at the time, but people were stuffed on 2D games - you know how right now 2D is very charming and everyone loves them? Well, around 1995 or 1996, people just took great 2D for granted, it wasn't nostalgic, because it was still present, and it wasn't impressive anymore, because it's what people have been playing for years and years. Sure, games like Marvel VS Capcom were great to see with all these fluid animations and big sprites, but the general attitude was like, OK, we're ready for the next new thing.
3D was still in its experimental stage and people were hyped beyond horizons for it. It turned out, while 3D was very exciting at the time, it didn't live up to our exaggerated and delusional expectations. Thinking that video games could look "like movies" was actually something that made your mind run wild, but then when we finally got that... yeah, we wanted to go back to the sweet 2D and its videogame-y feel.
5th gen was rustic and is now primitive, but I still think it has its place in video game history, and for what it's worth, even with its low resolutions, low polycount and limited performance, some game developers went the extra mile and really crafted some works that are still hard to surpass today. The benefit 5th gen had is that 3D game engines weren't as homogenized yet, and many developers crafted their games from scratch, which many times it resulted in unplayable garbage, but some times, some devs were able to deliver unique experiences that just can't be replicated with today's advanced tech, because it has to do with craftsmanship rather than on-paper tech.

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So your whole argument is "bb-but N64".
We're talking about 5th gen in general.
Besides, I'd say N64 has some of the best looking 2D games. There were few, but when it does it right, it does it right.

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>tfw I was always popular with the ladies but still like to play waifu simulators

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Wonder Project J2, the whole game is interacting with a cute robo girl.

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>Sprites are the bane of the N64.
Is this really true?

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N64 could do 2D though. Easily.
The thing is that most devs just wanted to do 3D because that's what most of the public wanted.
PS1 wasn't really that versatile, it was just easy and cheap to produce for, but its 2D isn't as good as Saturn's.
I think PS1's strongest point was the FMVs, which had better quality than the Saturn's (unless you have that special video add-on thing)

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why were so few 2D games made for the N64?

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It was. Apparently it crashes at the end on emulators though, so only for flashcarts.

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I can understand some people not having it as one of their favorite systems, etc. But hating it? That just means you haven't delved into the catalog properly, or you're angry with Nintendo 64 fans or something, because the thing does have some great games.

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>I've played pretty much every game worth giving a shit

According to who, you?

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