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the Sharp Twin Famicom is definitely towards the top of the list

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in an ideal world we would have gotten a version of the Sharp Twin Famicom brought over as the NES

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This beauty.

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Hey /vr/, I bought a Twin Famicom recently. I got Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa, Falsion and Otocky for it as well. What other good games did I avoid? I don't want anything too expensive.

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All-in-one disk/cartridge consoles look utterly amazing.

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Was about to post the MG2 version before I saw that. Why do multiformat versions of existing consoles look so good?

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I recall some dude coming to /vr/ sometime last year and saying he was undertaking a project to deliver quality high resolution pictures of consoles. Here is his wikipedia page.

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remove the shit paintjob and I want it.

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Alright, so here's the story: My local Hard-off (Japanese recycle shop) currently has a Twin Famicom, with cables and stuff, in decent shape, for about 6000 yen, or $60. I don't know of any local stores that sell the disks and I already have a Famicom. On the other hand, said Famicom has a pretty crappy jailbar habit and it would be nice to have video output that's not over RF.

Can anyone regale me with tales of this system? Is it worth getting it? Presumably I could get disks for it in the future, although I may have to go out to a big city or ebay for it.

The going price for a regular FDS is probably around 4000 yen/$40 but it's another thing I can't buy locally. What do, friends?

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TL;DR: I want high res pictures of the insides of a Sharp Twin Famicom. Also discuss other odd hardware variants.
I'm wanting to basically make my own version of the Sharp Twin Famicom, but with a third switch position for NES games. When in either NES or Famicom mode only the corresponding cart connector will be exposed, and when in FDS mode both cart connectors will be blocked.
I want to take a take a good look at the Twin Famicom PCBs so I can have the best starting point for my own PCBs. However my google-fu is not up to the task. If you have high resolution pictures of a Twin Famicom's PCBs, or don't mind taking the pictures yourself if you own the console, I'd appreciate you posting them.
I also think it could be neat to talk about other interesting hardware variants in this thread. Are there any hardware variants you really like?

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