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Even as far as "obscure" games for the N64 go, most of them are fairly well known by this point, thanks to the console's relatively small library. It's easy to keep track of and gauge interest in, you can more easily dismiss a game you've never heard of on N64 because most of the good games for the system already have decent fanbases to make their games known. There's little sense of "discovery" with the system's library that younger folks seem to be obsessed with. Agree with or like something popular and they think you're a sheep, similar to what you said about Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time. They're obsessed with being niche, standing out, having "refined tastes" by knowing what others don't. The large library of the PSX and cheap cost of CDs entices them that they could find "hidden gems" by some small low budget developer. This isn't hard to figure out if you've seen the rising interest for Lost Media, Trivia, "Icebergs", etc.

It might be comparable to say it's like the difference between a dirty lake and a clean well. The well may seem small and everyone may seem to know what it's in it and there's still a good amount of depth to it, but the lake despite having more unappealing qualities to it, has the greater possibility of holding something unknown. It's not bad to like or look for obscure games either, but my problem is that there seems to be people who make it their entire personality or become hipsters about it. They'll constantly hunt for obscure games solely because they're obscure and nothing else, making it hard to gauge what caught their interest. Even after finding something they like, they'll quickly move on instead of becoming a dedicated fan and spreading the word. Ironically, making it so it stays obscure or becomes obscure all over again. I'll never understand the people who become genuinely upset when something they're interested in becomes more well known.

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never ever, eops

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I don't get it. why do you guys insist on console warring?
The time you waste console warring you could use playing games, or at least browsing threads of stuff you like. If you don't like the N64 or any other system, you can ignore the thread.

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>I think the solution to that is obvious.
Enlighten us, anon. Make a thread to educate /vr/ in your precious obscure "eXperimental" P.S-X. games. Let's see how awesome those games really are!

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