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I don't care, the Saturn is my favorite console ever made and I am the self-declared biggest fan of it on the board. It's obvious that if you hate on it you're just trying to get at me, but I don't care about any of you.

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>Proper analog controls
With a shitty analog for a 3-armed person and c-buttons instead of a right-analog.
>The best graphics of the gen
You'd have a point if you were still living in the 90's, grandpa. Early 3D games aged like shit as a whole so noone cares. The N64 can't compete with the Saturn when it comes to 2D games like Princess Crown, nor could the PSX. So how does the N64 win again?
>and the most influential 3D games ever made, so no,
Mario 64, Goldeneye, Banjo and OoT were all negative influences. Mario 64 for causing the early 3D platforming trend with shit games like Crash Bandicoot coming about, OoT because it spawned an untold number of storyfag despite story in video games being cancer, Banjo for collect-a-thons ruining platformers, and Goldeneye for causing a console FPS craze when they're only good on PC. Try again. Also Waveland and D for the Saturn were more influential, so nice try.
>I didn't just describe it you dumb sack of shit, I described the Saturn: a misbegotten plastic turd with nothing but arcade ports.
The N64 is the shitty plastic turd with nothing but Rare games that won't be in the N64 Classic, stay mad.
>The real irony is, you Sega cucks are so quick to defend the Saturn while simultaneously ignoring the fact that it was the Saturn which lead to the demise of the very company you supported.
It was too ahead of its time and it was mainstream in Japan.
>Even the people who made it knew it was a piece of shit, which is why they gave up on it so quickly and didn't bother bringing almost any games to the US market. It was a failure and the sales prove it. Get fucked.
Sonic the Hedgehog sold more than OoT and Banjo.

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NID sucked though, and Virtua Fighter was the first 3D fighter so you can't call it generic you idiot.
Nintendo fans hang yourselves.

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How is it shitty and unfun? It has the best special stages in the series and it controls really well with an analog.

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