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>lazy animations

Ohh kids these days!

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Die moster! You don't belong in this world!

SotN's translation is fine in my books.

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Because it's fun! So you can use the meal ticket with the duplicator and throw out an endless stream of weird foods.

SotN is one of those games that you can easily break if you want to but it's a lot more fun to just play around with it. Going around the castle and summoning skeleton armies to kill everything is oddly satisfying.

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>not joining his skelebros

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>99% of the weapons are boring and the 1% interesting weapons are broken and make the game boring

Vast exaggeration. There are a couple of overpowered weapons and a ton of weird ones that are interesting and fun to play with while not being overpowered. Pic related

>No interesting movement options to move around the castle (compared to say Metroid)

Transform into a bat, a wolf, mist, double jump, rocket jump etc is still a good amount.

>Shit level design
>Combat is very unsatisfying
These two feel completely subjective.

I'm no great lover or apologist SotN, it's far from an amazing gme, but you're being pretty ridiculous.

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>It seems that early game you get a dagger and a short sword which you use for 50% of the game.

But you find new shit constantly. Why would you stick with one weapon for most of it? I always buy the elemental swords from the library. At least by the inverted castle you should have tons of weird shit to try out.

Also even if I have to hack in a completed save file first, I now always, always start in the 99 luck, Lapis lazuli mode. It makes the beginning a touch more challenging and finding all those weird weapons a lot faster.

Sword of Dawn roxors my boxors.

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If you do the super jump you can go through the ceiling and knock the librarian around in his chair, it's fun. Looked for a gif but didn't find one.

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Sword of Dawn is the best weapon in the game. Nothing is as entertaining as beating SotN like you're a necromancer using Drac's own skeletons against him.

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>There were plenty of 2D games on Playstation they were just generally less successful and offered less return on investment than 3D games.

Plenty is a real overstatement. And the few that there were often did extremely well. Good looking 2D 32 bit art is much more expensive to produce than a bunch of polygons that are going to look blurry in the end anyways which is a big part of why there was such a hard swing to make 3D games.

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>There aren't many meaningful upgrades and most of the equipment you'll find will be useless.

It's boring because it's the same map flipped, but that's where most of the fun equipment is.

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SotN is actually in some ways the worst because it's so incredibly easy. But it's also the one with most of the most fun items.

Order of Ecclesia goes the other way and is weirdly grindy with really boring levels. That's just my opinion though and it has many fans.

>Wait... They made 3DS Castlevanias too?

This is the absolute one to avoid though. It's a strange and terrible game that has platforming sections with no enemies followed by combat arenas with no platforming. There are two combos you use through the whole game and a broken parry mechanic makes every boss fight have zero challenge.

There's only one spot in the entire game where you have to platform while there's an enemy on screen and it only takes a single hit with your whip.

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Just so long as you don't waste your real life preparing for an afterlife that doesn't exist you're good. Heaven and Hell are all to real, but they're not the afterlife, they're in the here and now. Look around and you will see many people in Hell. Learn to live life in the kingdom of Heaven and that's where happiness will flow from.

Also, make sure to explore the Marble Gallery enough to get the Sword of Dawn. Because as there's no afterlife for us, there is for denizens of that haunted demon castle and there's nothing more rad than summoning legions of skeletons to destroy everything in sight.

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For me the game become extremely easy once you past the first doppelganger.

Soul steal? Fuck that, there's like a 1000 ways to break the game and make it a cakewalk. Don't get me started about the shield Rod, or even familiar!

Also pic related, this game contain an atrocious number of hidden attack ad side weapons that are very cool and completely useless the enemies just aren't enough powerful to make use of it

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There is such a huge amount of unused shit in this game, its amazing

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