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>not tweaking the PLAYPAL at your liking (for your own personal use)

but don't worry, here I'll show you how

-download SLADE and/or its most recent SVN (I'm using r1422, since the 3.1.0 beta crashes for some stupid reasons, even if I hover the mouse on some buttons), now open it
-create a new, empty wad. you may want to give it a name so let's save it with the name "cocks.wad"
-open doom2.wad
-copy the PLAYPAL lump from doom2.wad and paste it in cocks.wad
-now, select the PLAYPAL lump and right click on whatever color you may want; for the purposes of this tutorial we shall modify the blue sections to match the ones from Back To Saturn X
-once you've copied every single color, save your progress and now right click on the PLAYPAL lump, select "Palette" and then click on "Generate Palettes" (this is important since when you take damage every single color turns into red gradually, so if you don't want to see an ugly mess you better shall do this)
-once again, save "cocks.wad" and test it. you may want to generate the COLORMAP for it too, but it's not that necessary

pic related, how ultimate doom looks with the Back To Saturn X blues in it

that's all. peace


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