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I've already explained multiple times on this board why NiGHTS into Dreams has the best story in a video game and will never be topped. Should I bother doing it again?

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NiGHTS into Dreams is the deepest game ever made IMO, and an unforgettable experience.

The best moment in the game is when Reala says "There is no NiGHTS!"

This is a very shocking scene firstly because up to that point there was no voiced dialogue in the game, and secondly because it throws the world on its head.

The entirety of NiGHTS into Dreams takes place in a dream world being invaded by Wizeman, who wishes to conquer our world. When Reala tells the children "There is no NiGHTS" he is basically telling them it's all a dream, they may be able to dualize with NiGHTS in the dream world but in real life they are powerless.

In the real world Elliot and Claris they suffer from insecurities due to their flaws in regards to things like musical talent and sports. The dream realm is the one place where they can do whatever they want, yet Reala's words are reality shattering and make them realize their childish delusions of grandeur only help them there, once they leave it they're hopeless again.

Yet in the end, after saving the planet, they aspire to achieve great things in their own world; NiGHTS may not be concrete or tangible, but the bravery and confidence s/he gave the children is.

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Being the dopest Zelda game is like being the most pleasurable form of skin cancer TBF.

NiGHTS Into Dreams >>>>>>>>>> the entire N64 library, and the entire library of Nintendo as a whole.

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