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try actually addressing things, and not missing the forest for the trees, and maybe i'll actually respond to you. otherwise, you're either too retarded to be worth conversing with, or willfully disingenuous and trolling by getting hung up on misinterpreting terms while ignoring actual points.

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>That second paragraph is why people prefer the limited movement of 64
my second paragraph has nothing to do with movement. its entirely about reward distribution. are you retarded?

you so confidently think you've made a point, when you didnt even say anything at all. while sure, you CAN correct course, you still have to "master" HOW to correct course, on top of recognizing that you've fucked up to begin with. while there might be more "risk" with 64's jumps, in that they require more commitment to the action, that has nothing to do with "skill mastery. the level of "skill mastery" remains exactly the same or greater in odyssey. knowing how far/high you can jump and recognizing distances is a skill that is the same in both games. while one may punish you for lacking that, so does the other one EXACTLY the same. while odyssey might have movement options that can mitigate that punishment, you still have to learn recognition of situation AND execution of those options. the notion that "you get punished and dont have options for safety when you make a bad call" equates to greater skill is laughably elitist and you just look like a clown.

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>car engine consistently backfires
>belt squeals
>muffler loud as fuck
>"but my car still WORKS, that doesnt mean it's shitty!"
>"you're just too comfortable with the convenience of a car that runs smoothly!"

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>Konami game.
>made by ultra

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