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*unzips mozarella*

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I went straight into UDMF. Somebody stop me.

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zoomers fear him
boomers hate him
this UGLY son of a bitch is perforating all your orifices and basically you're fucking stupid

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they're not even a problem on lightly broiled, git gud

>Pink on the Inside
baby difficulty where the levels are empty and brown robe cultists don't throw dynamite
if you want a custom difficulty, I recommend lightly broiled base (bosses not too spongy, sticks of dynamite flying your way vs bundles, slightly slower AI reaction time) with extra crispy enemy numbers

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>Blood have shitty weapons
>he doesn't know about how good the dynamite is

I bet the cultists bullied the shit out of you, you turbonerd. Blood's weapons are mostly uninteresting thematically, but mechanically they're fucking awesome, the shotgun and dynamite can and will carry you through almost every fight, and where they fail, the napalm launcher and tesla cannon clean house.
Shadow Warrior is fine by the way, drop the dumb /v/ attitude and look at it from a mechanical standpoint, the ninjas are fun to fight, the arsenal is good with the only dud really being the railgun, the grenade launcher and sword are personal favorites. I also like restoring HP from punching the training dummies or watching the ninjas off themselves sometimes. The kamikazes can fuck off though.

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*hitscans u faster than a chaingunner on crack*

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just beat Death Wish
and goddamn, what a ride
pulled absolutely no punches

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don't spooks open inside

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>pitchforking everyone
Fucking Doomlets, ive played through the game for the first time a few weeks back and never had ammo issues. Are you firing 5 flares into every cultist you see or something? Because the DOT of a single shot will kill any of them that arent the new cultists added in Post Mortem.
1 for a cultist
2 for zombies
2 for butchers.
Im assuming you are playing on well done. If you are doing lightly broiled its 1 less flare for zombies.

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if you're "pistol starting" an old game like this you probably have all the levels memorized to begin with.

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it's just Isaac style monster suffixes.
colorful hell has a much better variety.

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pshh, nothing personnel, malax

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P keep your fetishes to yourself, I've had to deal with that anon who posted paragraph long tangents about how hearing and seeing the Half-Life 2 female NPC's die made him hard, and how women should die, and would make shitty Garry's Mod screen-caps and post them fucking everywhere. I'd rather not deal with that again. Thanks.

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Are there any mods that replace the enemies in doom with the enemies in blood?

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>he plays it like a pussy "normally"
>that means off-camera he's even worse
>he thinks entertainment is playing a game the wrong way
>he's still obstinate to call the serie "PRO BLOOD" only to mislead novices and make them think the wrong things
well, i can only say SONUVABITCHMUSTPAY

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I don't care unless they announce they're giving nightdive the source code.
GDX is good enough anyway

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In terms of writing and voice acting
this isnt debatable btw

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> mfw

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Guys i have a problem with GZDoom, the new version, the point is when i'm trying to play a new mod with it and ZDL when i'm at the point of loading a save state there's this new feature, i don't know how else i can explain it, it's a bigass sprite popping up that doesn't let me play, and he yells MARANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX PALLEX. GERO SHAY CRUO

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