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Best way to play Final Fantasy VII on PC?

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What a fucking game. Even playing through it recently, it still manages to be incredibly engaging. The soundtrack and world design really is perfect to me. The materia system allows for some real fun shenanigans and while the game's difficulty isn't exactly very high due to it, it's still fun.
I know its popularity tends to shine a very critical light on it for a lot of people, but I'd be happy if we could have a pleasant little FF7 thread all the same. Let's hear /vr/'s choices:
>best song in the game
>best party member
>tifa or aerith

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Really. It's there any point in playing RPGs once you've played this? Can any game, past or future even hold a candle to its greatness?

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I love this game but whoever was in responsible for those horrifying chibi models needs to be sacked and never allowed to work in the industry ever again.

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>What's the best version

Pic related.

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Remember when this was new and everyone wanted all the Square games on PlayStation to go with it?
FF6 and CT wouldn't have nearly the same following if this never existed
The remake will sell at least double what FF15 did

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Popular for a reason. I've played plenty of them. Honorable mentions to Wild Arms and Shining Force 2.

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That was easy.

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