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I've never played a hack that was better than the original, but if i had to name one that i actually enjoyed (and finished), it would be Hyper Metroid. It had the usual issue with the maps and areas being too big like most SM romhacks have, but it was actually reasonably challenging without being impossible or requiring advanced tricks, changed up the order of things too and has a damn good escape sequence. Pointless edginess was added to the plot, but it was easily ignoble. Way more fun that i was expecting.

Can't say i've found a good one for ALttP yet. I wanted to like parallel worlds so bad. I loved the map and custom designs on everything, but the difficulty was such a turn off.

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Hyper Metroid was pretty damn good. Just ignore the edgy altered story text at the start.

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If you like Super Metroid Romhacks, i recommend Hyper Metroid for sure. Larger map, interesting new takes on abilities, and very different item and boss progression. There is zero need to know any special tricks or glitches and it has great game flow. I only had to stop and look something up once out of frustration, but it turned out i was just doing something wrong. The areas and maps look fantastic, there are new ways to combine and use your beams, and the escape sequence is incredible.

It's not perfect, the large map did lead to some frustration with going around and trying to find things i was missing. Sequence breaking is also a little tough because the enemies you run into are tweaked to match the amount of power you should have by the time you're supposed to be in certain areas, but thats about it. It definitely lacks the things that tend to frustrate me about SM hacks.

It's fairly new, released in 2015 i think, but i played through it last year and it was a blast. First hack that really made the experience feel fresh.

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Hyper metroid was really good. I get shit sometimes for beating my dick over it too much hear, but it really was good compared to other hacks i've played. Completed in 2015 too so it's fairly new and very polished.

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Most of them are shit, but there some gems that really stand out if you can find them. I recently played Hyper Metroid, which was released in 2015. Damn good, felt like a whole new experience without bullshit. It's not perfect, doesn't flow the same was as SM, but i would recommend.

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Rom hack recommendation without the blog post this time:

Hyper Metroid. It's fucking good. peak upside: lacks all the things that tend to irk me about SM hacks, except for... Peak downside: (from my experience) was larger maps making the backtracking aspects of Super Metroid a bit of a pain. Otherwise it was amazing and different enough that the original to feel like a whole new experience.

While im at it do you guys know any other hacks for SM that are good? I've heard Super Zero mission is neat, but aside from that i don't hear much.

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If you like Super Metroid, i suggest Hyper Metroid. It's the only full blown hack of Super i've played that made the entire experience feel brand new in layout, progression, and visual style while also keeping the difficulty curve pretty much right where it was in the original (In truth, it's a little bit harder, but not by very much. The bosses have new A.I. and are faster, but i was able to handle them just fine when prepared). It can be completed with a base understanding of how the game plays too. No flashy or fancy moves or exploits are needed to complete it (But being good at single wall jumping is a definite plus.) My favorite thing about it by far is the visual changes. The world's tileset is practically brand new and the way some of the areas were put together really bring back that "I feel like i shouldn't be here" feeling that good metroid games have.

It's definitely worth a look, i enjoyed the hell out of it.

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