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I just got one of these and I have to say, this is now my preferred way to play retro games. It's a quick setup to my PC or Mac via Bluetooth, and is good for anything from old classics on the NES to 3D games from the N64 library.

So far I haven't seen any downsides with my controller. I'm wondering if other people have had the same good experience with this company? Playstation fans, how well do you feel this works for your games? I have to admit I wasn't old enough to appreciate retro consoles when they came out so I thought some of the older folks might have a different perspective.

Also, does anyone know if it's true that there's a Genesis version of this controller?

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So I recently ended up picking up the GameBoy variation of the SN30 Pro for my Switch and I fell in love with it. It's an updated version of what is arguably one of the greatest controllers of all time, the SNES controller, with Bluetooth connectivity that lets it easily pair with the Switch, PC, Android, and Apple phones. So not only has it become my go to controller for many a modern day indie game but also for emulation on PC and Android for everything from the NES up to the N64/PS1 era of games.

The more I look into the shit that this company offers it all looks kind of fucking quality. Everything from wireless dongles for retro consoles to D.I.Y. solder-less conversion kits for SNES and Sega Genesis controllers.

Now I'll fully admit to not being the biggest Retro gamer myself. I was born in '95 and my first real experience with video games was on the PS2. I mean my family briefly had a Genesis and an original PlayStation, but for one system my brain was literally too under developed to understand what the fuck was going on and the other we only ever had those free demo disks and no full games. Point being, I have little to no experience playing a lot of these retro games on original hardware and I didn't grow up with these systems so I kind of wanted to hear the opinions of some of the old hats who were actually around back in the day about how they feel about these recreation controllers for emulation/gaming in general and how well they match up to the feel of the original hardware.

Oh and for the Sega fans, how do you feel about their new recreation of the six button Sega Genesis controller?

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