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Bub & Bob (easier to find by the program name Bubbros, also not to be confused with Bubble Bobble which is the game it's based off of) is one of the only retro games I have a fondness for.
Unfortunately, like almost every retro game I have a fondness for, it faded into obscurity with little effort put into futureproofing.

However, effort *was* put into futureproofing it. The approach taken towards futureproofing was to allow the game to be run in many ways, such that if one way broke another way would probably work.
The upside of this is that there's probably a way to run this game that still works.
The downside of this is that is that it's beyond even my technical abilities, I only program as a hobby.

So, anyone able to offer a hand with this?
I can offer this piece of advice: There's an unreleased HTML5 version of the game that you can get by asking the guy who was last maintaining Bubbros. That might be workable, if you know what you're doing.

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>bullet hell

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>dos game

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>u cant compare two players skills unless their in direct competition with one another

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