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Play a gba game as they are the best retro gaming console to handheld emulate.

There are many to choose from. Check out the thread for suggestions on the catalog.

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>employed aging artists who don't care about collecting and want to have every retro game ever made at their fingertips

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>CD higher than 2
One job Anon.

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Came across a PS2 but unfortunately only have newer Widescreen TV. I already changed the aspect ratio but games still look 'blurry'. Any way to improve the image without getting a CRT? Have those HD (green, blue, red)composite cables for it but not sure if those would help

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>thread gives me the urge to try DKC since I never had SNES
>find out about Nintendo mass DMCA from last year

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>There was an incident...involving ZOMBIES.

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>>My least favorite Super Mario World stage is Tubular

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>link to orchestrated version of Quest 64 songs in related videos
>its actually pretty good

Sometimes the internet still surprises me with how niche shit like this can still happen.

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>cover based shooter

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If I have to see that Super Castlevania Bros. image one more time...

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Shit nigger, this is kicking my autism into overdrive.

It answers so many questions but ignites so many more. All I can see is Gregg Mayles is the fucking man. I hope we get to see more from his collection.

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Why not just update to the latest build and give it another try

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>spawn on a no water no underground
>stuck in my snowy valley with acess to a small desert with nothing in it
>no portals no passages

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>order some playstation game from a big seller on eBay a while back
>they send me some JRPG game instead of what I ordered
>give them negative feedback
>in 24 hours, the seller sends me a fucking essay about how it was a mistake, they're sorry, and they can't get too much negative feedback in a time period in order to maintain their seller status or something
>offers to send me the correct game if I send back the false one and remove my negative feedback
>never respond

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oh what a convenient thread!

i need help with my Super Nintendo, there seems to be a problem with the hardware considering its fucking up my games.
basically what happens is that the games i've bought for it all have issues, here is a tiny list on what games i have and the problems it haves.

Pocky and rocky: Tengu enemies move at a really spaztic way, that goes for flying bosses and flying projectiles too. also, there is no text between the cutscenes

Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario 2 (USA) is unplayable, my character moves to the right on its own and when i try to move its like im going in hyperspeed mode or something, the jumps are also fucked up.

F-Zero: I cant controll my Racer at all, the faster i go, the more of fucked up mess my controll gets, the Car just go flying everywhere and its impossible to even finish a Lap let alone an entire Race.

now my question is: what can i do to repair it? Hopefully you guys can help me, i really dont want to resort to getting a new SNES considering im a poor bastard...

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I can't tell, blind rage from seeing that awful mask is clouding my judgement of you as a person.

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What's the name of the model?

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