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>FPS platforming is bad
Nah, Duke3d and Quake were just fine with it's platforming. Hell, even doom happened to have a prototype of platforming via falling off platforms with speed to reach other platforms across a gap. I don't even know why people cringe at the sight of a jump button in an FPS. It's like FPS games were evolving to have more movement options, then suddenly FPS games became grounded flat mapped military shooters with only hitscan humans as enemies.

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>doomguy gets in
>doesn't get to have his SSG

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This is probably the first time I've seen HD and it looks fun, the 'armor catching fire' and other mechanics tend to turn me away.

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>cheat codes locked behind a pre-order
Super shitty. Also just read this on wikipedia:
>Players who preorder the game will have access to an exclusive mission and additional gameplay items. Willits revealed that the game will be a "game as a service", though he promised that there would not be any lootbox.
Does this mean we have to subscribe to some monthly shit? Not like was even going to touch the game, but damn.

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