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The problem is monsters are supposed to have specific roles. A good mapper understands this and creates encounters around this. The monster pack completely destroys this. It's like absolutely no thought went it to what roles each new monster is replacing. Take the archvile spawns for example. They might be meaty and damaging but can't resurrect monsters for shit. But then you have an imp replacement running around who can. Then you have flying monsters in place of ground troops. AAAAAAAA replacements with no seeking missiles. Pain elemental replacements not really any different from caco replacements. And really. a lot of the monsters do pretty much the exact same shit with maybe minor differences in damage. And the Heresiarch is a fucking faggot.

Now, not everything is shit, but this incoherence plagues the overall package. It doesn't feel as bad, since WoC obviously already deviates greatly from vanilla gameplay, but it could be way, way better.

I'll try to remedy this for my WoC map, really. There's a bunch of cool shit monsters could do to integrate better with WoC mechanics. Draining mana, percentage based health damage, banishing necro summons. I have a lot of ideas, hope I can implement most.

i really do have the autism for WoC

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