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>nintendo is more soi than Sony
FUCK NO! In case you haven't heard, Sony is forcing censorship on consoles of all regions when it comes to certain sensual themes for PS4 as of late! Oh, and Nintendo does the near exact opposite these days. They've changed regarding game content in games in their consoles since 1994-1995.
>muh Pokemon GO is bad
I can understand the criticisms of it here and there. But yeah, go ahead and spam bullshit about how Nintendo is a baby soi company becasue "/v/ told me to think that way!!!"
Sod off Sonytard

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>be playing ff7
>scratch cheeto dust from neckbeard
>at point in game where cloud has to dress up as a woman to get into Corneos crib
>fedora flies off head
>Don suit of white knight armor
>fat-fuck launch to computer
>keys encrusted with dorito and cheeto residue
>open tumblr


>Tumblr fags eat it up
>spread it's cancer about
>reaches other news sites
>Plague of cancer begins

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>Lal decides to invade
>massive invasion force on the right side of my empire
>probe teams every turn coming at me
>using all of my morgan money to buy out units and ship shit off as fast as possible to protect the border cities
>finally after half an hour of stalemate and so many units ead break through his line
>very next turn he pops up on commlink
>pls no war am peaceful I gib u 14 energy credits

I love this game simply for the fact that everyone is an unabashed asshole. Feels more like playing with humans compared to other games.

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> Love retro anime art
> Get all tingly
> Boner sprouts up
> mfw

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>Walk into new place called Mr. Biggs
>Plenty of normal stuff, go karts and whatnot
>Small arcade, not very many games
>Virtual Reality Mechassault
>With up to 16 players
>Sit in a pod and play
>End up playing it all day
>Owners notice
>Allowed to play for free because my shenanigans onscreen brought people in to play
>Place goes under
>They sell each individual pod
>Ask how much it would cost to just buy all of the pods, figure I could do something fun with them for some profit
>Owner pulls me aside
>Apparently most of the pods are being trashed because some of them don't work as intended, and the cost to repair them would more substantial
>mfw I sit outside and watch them drag the pods away

That's when social gaming died in my heart. I haven't been able to truly enjoy an arcade since then, even when I went to the Sega Arcade in michigan, something just wasn't right. People didn't want to play together.

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