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Ahhh so its finally retro.

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Is this the best retro console ever made? This is the best retro console ever made. For best retro console ever made I nominate the PlayStation part 2.

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>JP: March 4, 2000
In 3 months this will be vintage and allowed here.

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>In 4 months this console will be considered retro
How does that make you feel?

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I finally took my ps2 out of the closet and have a 250GB hdd to fill with games (roughly 80 games).
help me build a list of the best games for the console. I'm gonna skip games that have better PC versions since space is tight. same for arcade ports which I can just emulate the original version.

oh and if Diablo 2 belongs on /vr/ (400+ thread says it does) then the ps2 belongs on /vr/ as it came out months before that game.

anyway recommend me some games! so far I got

Baldurs Gate DA
Baldurs Gate DA 2
Demon Stone
Champions of Norrath
Champions Return to Arms
Draken (Something or Other)
Kings Field (Something or Other)
X-men Legends
Spider-Man 2
Ultimate Spiderman
Hulk Ultimate Destruction
Rampage World Tour
Katamari Damacy
We Love Katamari
Way of the Samurai
Way of the Saurai 2
Samurai Western
Ratchet and Clank 1, 2, & 3
Gungrave Overdose
Twisted Metal Black
Burnout 3
Burnout Revenge
State of Emergency
Yakuza 2
Shadow of the Collosus
Sky Gunner
All SOCOMs, Metal Gears, Dark Clouds, Final Fantasys and Silent Hills(should I skip any?)
I'm skipping GTA's (because PC) and Tony Hawks (because I can't go back to that shit from SKATE) and fighting games (arcade emulation)
I don't know which Armored Cores or Ace Combats to add but I don't got room for em all.

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