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>tfw that one mod you like never updates
This is true suffering.

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>Always been shit with horror
>Get scared easily
>Make my way through the facility
>Monster has been fairly easy to avoid, and is fairly easy to read in its behavior
>Start exploring a bit
>Come across locker room with severed head and other bodies scattered about
>Hear it coming
>Figure I'm fine
>Door opens
>"It can fucking open doors!?"
>Rush into the air vents, hoping I can find another way out
>No other way out
>Go back to the locker room
>Don't hear it
>Assume it's gone
>Open door leading out of locker room
>It's right fucking there
>Rush back into the vents
>Think I got away in time
>Hear air vent open

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>Stumble upon Particle Fire Enhancer while browsing the ZDoom forums
>Try it out
>Fucking love it
>Read through some of the forum posts and notice it has some issues
>Realize the creator has been inactive for months, and likely won't update the mod again

This is the worst feel.

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>Se7enNytes will never release a new verison of crossfire

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