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Don't let the late nineties shitty 3D art fool you. Another game suffering from Panzer Dragoon syndrome. Anyway the game is brilliant, my all time favorite platformer. Controls like butter, visuals are crisp and colorful, music's great, speedrunning is required to 100%, and overall worth it for the cheap price tag. Got every gold gem and A/S ranked every stage.

I wish there were more 2D N64 games.

Another Treasure game was sprite based but was a Japan only release. The original Bangai-O! is an omnidirectional shooter later ported to Dreamcast. Unfortunately it was limited to 10,000 copies so its legimately a rarer title. Runs about $100 for a cart, I'm saving up for it right now. Supposed to play good. There was a sequel on DS which got released in America, that looks cool too.

Other 2D titles include The New Tetris, which has some 3D menus and cutscenes but is otherwise all sprites.

Bust A Move '99 and Bust A Move 2 Arcade Edition are entirely sprite based.

Doom 64 is technically 2D because all original Doom games were like 2.5D and it uses sprites for literally everything but the environment but I won't count it because it uses polygons.

To my knowledge that brings the count up to like 7?

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Probably my favorite developers, tons of great stuff. Mischief Makers is my favorite platformer, top 5 goat.

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pretty cool OP

Here's the vocal versionof the Mischief Makers theme used on the TV ad.


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I wanted to contribute to this https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UPBzEXLXO4P6MUHsvzvlzcshtknUMJi2X9bluDd5kLs/edit?pli=1
I uploaded the Mischief Makers soundtrack correctly tagged (couldn't find it anywhere, the one currently in the doc isn't tagged, it's unsorted, and is missing a couple of rearranged tracks I got somewhere else). But I couldn't edit the doc directly, so here it is. I hope someone grabs it, so the upload doesn't go completely to waste.


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