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I've actually got 3 copies in perfect boxes I picked up years back still in the original plastic. They'd gotten lost for years in the back room of a toy store that went out of business. Got them for a buck a piece in 2004. Be jealous :)

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Keep defending your shitty purchase. I'm amused.

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This is going to sound pathetic and lonely. Maybe I am. Some of my best times as a kid were spent on retro consoles playing the old two player games with a bro there, drinking, etc... Now that I've hit 30 how do i find people who are still into retro games like me to play them with. I'm not about to take an ad out on craigslist and I don't really know of any local meetups. Where can I find a retro vidya bro to drink with and power through old games on the weekend. My setup and knowledge of emulation will play everything up to N64 and PS1. I just want a bro to cruise thru double dragon 2 or mario kart or whatever with. My wife hates this shit but doesn't mind me taking a day or 2 a week to do it.
>mfw no bros to play retro vidya with
>inb4 homo
>just want to play the games in person/drink with someone who has the same interests.
How did you guys find a gaming/drinking bro?
I hate bars

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