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A mini console raped my dog

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>Compared to smug thicc imp girl with cute face
It's a real mystery. Also someone at Nintendo clearly has a short pearshaped fetish. Can't blame them. Absolute patrician taste. It's underrated and underrepresented in the industry, which probably makes people with that taste in women extra thirsty.


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I only played the original and the DS one, but what you posted is the general consensus.
From what I understand in the original the villagers had way more personality. The dickish villagers were way angrier, the shy ones were shyer, the nice ones were kinda superficial. There was a lot of weird random events in the original game that were toned down in weirdness in later games. It was just made a lot safer.
New Leaf has the most quality content though, and Isabelle who in almost every single fanart I've seen is depicted as being really pear shaped. A heavily underrated body type.

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