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Same, I think GC is a bit like an atari 2600 game in that you kind of just go back to it as a novelty. I'd still play it for a week or so but I don't think it's the kind of game I can really "set up shop" in and just play daily for months anymore.

Not really certain if I'll ever really go back to NH though. All the control you get in that game just feels like too much of a good thing. Like you don't really feel like a part of the neighborhood anymore when you can just carve up the earth however which way you want, you can just instantly transplant trees and plants, you can relocate buildings on a whim, and villagers are only allowed to leave when you kick them when you want. This is the freedom people have been asking for for years but now that we have it it just seems to me like you kind of do need some limitations and resistance to your customization options in a neighborhood simulator.

I think NL got closer to that sweet spot of creative freedom while still having to coexist with your neighbors and work around various limitations, even if some of them are bullshit. If you could place furniture outside in NL it would be the perfect game.

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