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>lets put bad games in out top 10, top 100 just to stand out and be special snowflakes

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>Hyperfocus =/= flow state you retarded cunt, hyperfocus is just a part of flow state, least you could do is read the wiki page on the flow state.
The least you could do is stop pretending like I don't know what they are when I've told you I know these concepts for personal reasons. They are synonyms. I don't care what you think they are.

>Dishonesty, reading and writing are very different things that you cannot conflate. Writing is an active and often creative process so flow state is achievable there obviously, but what happens in reading is different. Again at least read the wikipedia page.
Holy flying fuck. Learn to fucking read. I posted:
>Same thing with mundane reading/writing, such as office work.
White collar work isn't fucking creative writing. There is no possible way anyone would conflict the two in the manner that sentence was written. You literally must be fucking mentally deficient. I mean, I had a big hunch but..wow. To call me out on dishonesty only adds an extra layer of retardation to the whole thing.

>check the Ars Technica interview
I saw that video the day it came out, you illiterate mongoloid

>I speak to them personally, listen to them speak in interviews/conferences, follow devblogs, read postmortems/design articles, and so on

Seriously, guy, learn to read written English, or idk, go talk to someone with a 2 digit IQ like yourself. At least finish it off with "I was just pretending to be retarded" to save face, though I doubt anyone is willing to read your walls of autism anyway.

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Someone had a bad day

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