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Being able to throw explosives in an arc, and bouncing them against surfaces, is generally an incredibly good thing.

That's why I am so in love with hand grenades, in general. If you add them or a similar weapon to Doom, you'll find that they're extremely good and fun weapons that solve a lot of problems for you.

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I'm surprised she put up with him so long.

Grenades are amazing, my dude, I can solve all my problems with hand grenades.

Monster in a window? Throw in a grenade.
Monster behind a corner? Throw a grenade.
Monster down in a pit or beneath a ledge? Throw a grenade.
Monster in any kind of enclosed space I need to access? Throw a grenade and then pass through.
Monster with lots of friends in a room? Throw in a grenade and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77acOyoT-d8

I love hand grenades.

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Doom needs more self-loading shotguns.

Also hand grenades, which you can bounce against walls, and which spew shrapnel (bouncing ripper projectiles affected by gravity), to be a really useful weapon.

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See the new ZDoom port of Immoral Conduct for how to make a reliably functional grenade, with a good shrapnel effect (wwhc-diaz.wad also has a very good shrapnel effect).
Shrapnel is a good idea for a hand grenade (a radial spray of bouncing and ripping tiny projectiles), it makes it a lot more useful, and if you pitch it into an enclosed area, the shrapnel bounces around like crazy in there doing fantastic damage (which arguably kind of gives you the effect of a real grenade exploding in a tight space; when that pressure has to go somewhere)

See Shut Up And Bleed for a grenade that is unreliably functional and sometimes disappears without exploding or exploding without doing any damage (but it shows easily how to make grenades as a quick-throw item a thing), don't emulate the thrown grenade actor from this mod.

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