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I finished Shenmue 1 last week, it was okay. I liked piecing together where to go and the QTEs were kinda cool. Fighting turned out to be more fun than I thought. The voice acting is pretty sweet, especially upon reading that they wanted to do the English VA in Japan so that’s why it sounds so weird. Some parts were tedious but it was pleasant

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>don’t plug in or pull out controllers while the console is on

Holy shit I wish I knew that, I gotta keep that in mind

Anyway - finished Shenmue, it was okay, but I’ve heard Shenmue 2 is better. Just wanted to make sure these things were true about playing PAL games on an NTSC 1

-PAL games are indeed region free and require no boot disc
-PAL games (specifically Shenmue 2) have no performance issues in regards to display or sound quality when you use AV

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Did ya beat him in the arcade, /vr/?

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