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>tfw you will never, EVER, get to play this version of the game

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Final Fantasy 6(tyfour)

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To think, we almost got Final Fantasy 6-2 instead of that glorified emo drama, why couldn't I have been born in another timeline

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At one point, Square had made a CGI mockup of what a 3D Final Fantasy game using SGI hardware would look like. However, it never happened. SGI hardware was also used in the N64.



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cool, man

Maybe I'm just secretly pissed we never got FF7 on n64 (this was the reason I bought an n64).

The everdrive itself is great. I just feel that the list of great games is very short.

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Imagin if ff7 came out on Nintendo 64

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It's the game that made me buy an n64.

I didn't get the memo that it was moved over to Playstation.


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Not so much a first appearance but the roots of Final Fantasy 7 began as a SGI tech demo with FF6 characters

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In 1995 i was saving up for a nintendo ultra 64 because of final fantasy 7. Then Sony announced that they had snatched the game away, and that FF7 would appear on the psx instead. After i saw they had raiden too i said fuck it, ima go get a psx. Then i saw that sega had virtua fighter 2 & daytona usa and i went for the sega saturn instead. Half a year later i bought a psx anyway. Personally the i'd say the psx looked super exciting from the very start with all its glorious 3rd party arcade ports. But in looking back it was a cheap piece of crap hardware infested with mostly shovelware.

What did sony do right? They pumped a lot of money into marketing. Also their games came for free, if you know what i mean dude. Those two factors made all the difference.

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FF6 on N64.


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It pretty much turns into this, just a bit less smooth.

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>I said it was a poor re-creation of a good game

But that was not true whatsoever. FF7 was meant to be a detective game set in the near future (1999) and the original concept game was more like parasite eve. The real FF7 shifted farther into the future and the classic FF elements were added back in.

You are probably thinking of the final fantasy SGI tech demo. Western game magazines incorrectly teased it as the new FF game but it was just a tech demo made by square staff i ntheir spare time. They used FFVI concepts with 3D models because character designs were not ready yet for the real FFVII. This confusion was common in the mid-90s until the real game came closer to release date.

To this date retards still seem to think there was a 3D remake of FFVI planned at the time "but FF7 ruined it".

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>You're making shit up sorry.

How does it feel to be this ignorant? I said two, I meant two.

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I would love to travel to the alternate dimension where the original N64 demo they showed came to fruition.

To answer your question, maybe. If N64 used CDs it would likely have meant the Sony/Nintendo fallout never happened either and Square wouldn't have jumped ship.

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I wonder if the 'Final Fantasy 64' CGI tech demo is still out there?

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Is it necessary to choose the same heroes when party splits or it's OK to alternate them?
How did you split?

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but does the demo work?

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Its possible, FF5 wasn't going to be a numbered Fantasy game. Instead it was going to be a stand alone Spin Off game called something like "Final Fantasy Advanced" and be a hardcore take on the series.
At the time the game was so difficult that they skipped its release in America entirely(part of the reason FF6 was originally FF3 in America).

Another thing to note: The Original Final Fantasy 7 was being made for the N64 and had characters very similar to Terra and what people assume was Locke(who is basically a slightly nuanced Bartz) before they dropped FF64 entirely in favor of FF7. Then again you can see what I assume is Shadow hanging out in the back here.

Final Fantasy 9 was also going to be a spin off game and simply be the big compilation/reference FF game, but instead they gave it a number.

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Do things like this count? Would technically be a remake/ was actually only a tech demo. Still, the possibility of what could have been...

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SGI, MIPS, Rambus, Square, what could possibly go wrong?

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It is Locke. They used FF6 characters in their prototypes.

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