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I might. I did one once.

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Made this last year.
Didn't get around to making one this year.

A very interesting pecularity of the Doom engine.
Basically, if you put more than one Player 1 start (or player 2), in a map, the engine will start player 1 in the first player 1 you placed, and in the second player 1 start, it will place an empty player that doesn't do anything, but here's how it gets interesting, if the empty player gets hurt, or if he somehow picks up an item (presumably moved towards him with a conveyor or some other mapping trick), that will transfer to him, so if you shoot at the empty player, the voodoo doll, then player 1 will take that damage.

This was a bug, entirely unintentional, but it turned out that you could do a LOT of interesting and creative things with by employing them. In TNT Map 30, there's a sequence of platforms you have to traverse in the proper order and angle, if you do it wrong, you get teleported onto your own voodoo doll, and you're killed, you telefrag yourself.

This bug was never fixed, because it doesn't happen in normal gameplay, or when it happens in a map, the author did it intentionally and it's supposed to be there, removing it would probably partially or fully break the map.

There was one or two sourceports that actually patched this behavior and stopped it from happening, whereupon everyone asked "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" and it was fixed back to normal.

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Then why didn't you just say so, Anon, you silly goose?

Epic 2, PCPR, UAC Ultra, these are three modern classic megawads for Doom 2 that are challenging, where the application of the proper gameplay .wad can be just the ticket, sometimes even in an odd way, much akin to the combination of milk chocolate and tortilla chips, the chips baked into one another, and you'd think "Well THAT can't be a good combo!" but you try it, and they play off each other marvelously.

Think about your favorite gameplay mods, what theme would they fit with, if you really stopped and thought about it?

Another couple of vanilla Mapsets are Vanguard, Community Chest 4, Hell Revealed (a renowned classic of many many years). Of course, a lot of these mapsets are certainly on the more slaughtery end of the spectrum, requiring a good bit of profession and skill.

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Just carved a pumpkin, it's rather crude and rough, but I think it's pretty good considering I've actually never carved one before.

Tough material to carve.
(excuse the mess, the photo was taken right after it was done, basically nothing was planned, I just made it up as I went)

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