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>And the reason for that is due to how OoT ends
holy shitfuck dude, no it does not.
ganon gets sealed away
GENERATIONS LATER, he breaks out.
oops, no hero shows up to save us, despite cycles being a thing. goddesses please help!
goddesses flood the earth and seal hyrule with ganon in it beneath the ocean.
ganon breaks out again after the second time skip
now a new hero shows up.
straight from the fucking wiki. go brush up on it some time.

the timeline is irrelevant bullshit that not even nintendo really cares about. that statement doesnt mean "the timeline doesnt exist". it means that it does not deepen the lore in the slightest. there is extremely little continuity in the series, and none of it is truly meaningful or impactful. caring about how something fits the timeline, and whether certain details fit or contradict, is fucking retarded. its not that deep, and its not taken that seriously by its own creators. i've played 1, 2, lttp, la (both), oot, mm, ww, tp, lbw, ss, botw, totk.

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