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Tell us your crazy mod ideas, no matter how stupid or advanced or fun they may be.

I'll start with something simple: Tower Defense Doom, where you place either demons or different marines across a map and have to defend the exit from a horde of marines or demons, respectively.

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shit i meant that you should play with blending

try using multiply on the caco layer

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In what order do you encounter all of the monsters in Doom 2?

1. Zombieman
2. Imp
3. Shotgunner
4: Pinky
5: Chaingunner
6: Spectre
7: HellKnight
8: Cacodemon
9: Revenant
10: Spider Mastermind

this is as far as I got

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This one, right?

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so i'm writing a simple change for Doom Imps that makes their fireballs explosive, but when they throw them they blow up in their faces instantly

can someone take a quick peek and see if they can see any glaring errors? http://pastebin.com/jGUW0N3c

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Fear not anon. There'll be probably more DUMPs I hope. My first maps looked like that too.

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Funny how the DUMP 3 post mentions the possibility of finishing work in progress maps. I had one about 2/3rds done when Doom 4 grabbed me. I don't think I'm going to finish it for the project though. I can do better, mainly because the unfinished map was meant for Boom. ZDoom means jumping and crouching, which I regret not utilizing last time.

Seconded. I've played it and thought it was really fun. Due to when it was made, it's much easier than Scythe, save for the secret levels. Those are frantic. Try it!

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Now I will proceed to give mel some love

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