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>Spend ages wondering why ACS is broken and applying the same "Unique" TID to everything
>Test my code in every version of GZDoom I have, all the same
>No matter what I do the UniqueTid is always -46, all the time
>Look up and down all over code, why isn't this working, why is it being shitty
>Look at UniqueTID wiki page, look at compiler, mess with other values a bit
>Look at code
>"MyTID = UniqueTID;"

>... I fucking forgot the ()
>I was giving everything the value of the imaginary variable "UniqueTID", which is apparently -46

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This is my face when I'm on my ship and the last missile expansion is somewhere in lower Norfair.

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>Find Nmn's drdteam team page (http://paul.drdteam.org/)
>I've decided not only to update my site, but change, virtually, everything, making it much more user-friendly. It is simplified, colors more pleasurable to look at, and focuses solely on my artistic attempts, the games and music sections now gone.


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oh wait.

Marvel vs capco-

oh wait.

X-men the arcade ga-

Oh wait.

The simpsons arcade ga-


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>Decide to randomly Powerbomb the glass tube in Zero Mission
>It breaks
>I can now go back to Zebes with all the powers I gained on the Space Pirate Ship
That moment was the peak of my life.

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