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Not OP, but STUN Runner is third person and also >>5731469

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>saw it at a nickle arcade
>mid 90's, everyone looked at it and kept on walking since the graphics were old(kids were lame faggots back then too)
>thought it looked kinda nifty
>most games were 2 or 3 nickles, but this one was just 1
>sat down, put in coin, grabbed the controls
>was amazed at how fucking awesome it was
>everytime I went to that arcade I would camp the machine
>didn't really matter, no one else wanted to play it
I still have fun playing this shit in MAME. Think of it as a proto-N2O if you've played that. Go fast, drive all over the walls and ceiling, and shoot shit. Good times.

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No stun runner?

I am dissapoint.

I gave this machine so much money.

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