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Gunpei Yokoi x Yukihito Morikawa – 1997 Developer Interview
>Morikawa: Yokoi, how do you feel about recent games?
>Yokoi: There’s a huge variety of console games out now, but to me, the majority of them aren’t actually “games”. The word “game” means something competitive, where you can win or you can lose. When I look at recent games, I see that quality has been declining, and what I’m seeing more and more of are games that want to give you the experience of a short story or a movie.

This is most obvious with role-playing games, where the “game” portion isn’t the main focus, and I get the feeling that the developers really just want you to experience the story they’ve written. So when you ask what I think of games today, well, it’s a very difficult question for me. I end up having to say that games today just aren’t games to me.

Holy shit Yokoi was as based as they come. He had bad ideas sure but he also had a ton of really good ideas. Focusing on making fun games>graphics and realism would have made the golden years of gaming last longer. Truly died to soon, rip Yokoi.

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Wait, Gameboy games in Deutschland got packaged in VHS boxes?

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He didn't piss Nintendo off, did he?

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nintendo yakuza made sure that didn't happen

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You mean people who totally did kill themselves?

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Because Shigeru Miyamoto is a literal psychopath and ruins the lives/projects of anyone he sees as a rival, even when they're already dead.

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Did Nintendo really have him murdered?

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Because the last ambitious guy was assassinated.

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More like

Gon' pay, you goy!

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RIP ;_;

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